10 Best Products For Marketeer’s And Designer’s

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I’ve compiled a list of some of best products that have inspired me in the last week. Some are cool and useful, others are fun.

1. The Influencer Marketing Stack
Everything you need to launch a killer campaign, with the information and resources to incorporate influencers into your marketing strategy.


2. Avataaars Generator
This quirky browser tool will help you create your own vector illustrated avatar.
Designed by: Pablo Stanley


3. Let’s Enhance
This allows you to upscale your images/photos. This technology has been around for years but this product has taken it to new levels and it’s impressive – add missing detail and upscale by 4x.


4. FireFox Quantum
The newest fastest version of FireFox.


5. Quick Code
A list of free online coding courses.


6. Another Lens
A research tool for conscientious creatives. This Airbnb tool helps creatives better understand their audiences and improve designed experiences.


7. Stomp 4.0
Stomp is a fun tool that allows you to create cinematic intros. Input 100 words and watch it create an animated intro HTML template that can be used on websites, posts, etc.


8. JSRobot
Learn code in Java script by playing a game. Good if you happen to have some free time in your lunch hour. Take a lunch hour.


9. Poly By Google
Poly is a library of 3D objects for virtual and augmented reality as these technologies become more popular and integrated into browsers and applications. You’ll be hard pressed not to find what you’re after.


10. Facebook Local
Discover places to go and events happening near you. Could be a useful social media tool in the future.

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