How I Turned A Word Doc Into A 5-Year Brand Campaign Using A Design Thinking Process

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I was working with the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) – part of Red Cross, Geneva. They introduced me to another road safety NGO called Youth For Road Safety (YOURS) – they love their acronyms! YOURS wanted some help with a 62-page MS Word document that was 2 years in the making…

Project Background:
YOURS (Youth For Road Safety) acts to make the world’s roads safer for young people. Invited by the YOURS team to work with them with an Action Kit. All their advice and wisdom (which was accumulated over 2 years) needed equally engaging graphics to bring it to life for their youth audience.

To create graphics that would appeal to a savvy, switched-on, youthful audience, and also engage older political authorities.

The result was a roadmap for the world. After all, roads are everywhere. A world built from paper. Paper buildings, trees, people, vehicles and a landscape that was universal enough that any culture could relate to it. I approached the project like I would a brand; colours, typography, characters and graphics all fell into place, to create an ownable and daring graphic style. The whole project took 5 months to complete from designing the initial concepts, cutting out each model through to building the roadmap, shooting it in our studio and finally creating the designs and artwork for the brochure.

Big Idea:
A roadmap for the world

Client Buy-In:
I flew to Oman for the Global Road Safety Conference. Discussed project with dignitaries, Sultan of Oman and a youth Panel representing 20 countries.

Fig. 1: Some of the work that went into creating a road safety world of paper.

Fig. 2: Initial sketches and how they turned out.

Fig. 3: Photographing the world of paper roads.

Fig. 4: Translating the imagery into a Road Safety Action Kit book.

Fig. 5: Board game, Aerial view of the Roadmap and sample pages from the Action Kit book.

Fig. 6: Interesting results and a positive return on investment from YOURS.


Written by Mark Woodward.
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