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Build a physical manifestation of the brand

Seven years ago I founded design consultancy, AirSpace Studio. I wanted the work to be as much about pushing experimentation as the commercial projects. This body of work is one such experiment – to see what the AirSpace brand would look like as a physical manifestation.

Why? Because the process of creating a visual identity and content for a brand constantly needs re-evaluating. It needs to continually evolve. And, it needs a lot of engaging content. Building a model enabled us to create multiple stories from it. Photography the stories, make videos and talk to customers about why we made it, and exhibit the model at events or in the studio.

Spark peoples imagination

Our physical model represented play and the stories created through play. Customers are drawn to stories. Stories are a catalyst to dreams and emotions. Create content that sparks customers imagination.

How this benefits our clients…

We apply our experience, intuition and our knowledge (working on global airline brands, the world’s leading financial institutions, space exploration and exciting start-ups), to realise new approaches to brand content. We want to discover how best to appeal to your customers, and how to ‘wow’ them. We want to create brands that people want to be part of!

Take a look at the PLAY section of the AirSpace Studio website to learn more about Design Thinking and Brand Tools.

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